BMW M4 Engine Technology

The BMW M4 is an iconic sports car that has consistently pushed the boundaries of performance and technology. Central to the M4’s reputation as a powerhouse on the road is its engine technology. In this article, we’ll explore the M4’s powerful engine options, including the inline-six and V8 engines, and discuss the innovative technologies used […]

BMW M4 Engine

The BMW M4 is an iconic sports car that has consistently pushed the boundaries of performance and technology. Central to the M4’s reputation as a powerhouse on the road is its engine technology. In this article, we’ll explore the M4’s powerful engine options, including the inline-six and V8 engines, and discuss the innovative technologies used in their design.

Inline-Six Engine: The Heart of the M4

The BMW M4 has long been associated with a silky-smooth inline-six engine that delivers exceptional power and responsiveness. The latest iteration of the M4, features a 3 litre inline-six engine with M TwinPower Turbo technology. This powerplant is available in two different states of tune, delivering varying levels of performance. The base model produces 473 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque, while the M4 Competition model cranks things up to a staggering 503 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque.

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Innovative technologies incorporated in the inline-six engine include:

M TwinPower Turbo Technology:

This system combines a twin-scroll turbocharger with direct fuel injection, resulting in efficient power delivery and minimised turbo lag. This setup ensures the engine delivers power smoothly and immediately when you put your foot down.

High-Precision Injection:

BMW’s high-precision injection technology optimises fuel delivery and combustion efficiency, maximising power output while minimising emissions.

Valvetronic and Double-VANOS:

These variable valve control systems allow for precise control over the engine’s air and fuel mixture, enhancing power and responsiveness.

Lightweight Construction:

The inline-six engine features lightweight components, such as an aluminum crankcase and cylinder head, which reduce overall weight and improve the car’s handling characteristics.

V8 Engine: Unleash the Beast

For those who crave even more power and excitement, the BMW M4 offers an optional 4 litre V8 engine in the M4 Competition model. This beastly engine produces an astonishing 503 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque, capable of propelling the M4 from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds.

The V8 engine comes equipped with advanced technologies like:

Cross-Bank Exhaust Manifolds:

This innovative design ensures efficient exhaust gas flow, improving performance and delivering the characteristic growl that enthusiasts expect from an M car.

High-Pressure Fuel Injection:

The V8 employs high-pressure direct fuel injection to precisely deliver fuel into the combustion chamber, enhancing both power and fuel efficiency.

Dual Turbochargers:

The V8 engine incorporates two turbochargers, one for each bank of cylinders, ensuring a consistent and powerful flow of air into the engine for immediate power delivery.

Smoother Performance:

Thanks to the V8’s immense torque, power is delivered in a smooth and linear fashion, making it a joy to drive both on the track and the open road.


The BMW M4 is a testament to the brand’s dedication to creating exceptional driving machines. The engine technology behind the M4’s inline-six and V8 engines showcases BMW’s commitment to performance, efficiency, and innovation. Whether you choose the inline-six for its refined power delivery or the V8 for its brute force, you can be certain that the M4’s engine technology is engineered to provide an exhilarating driving experience.

As technology continues to advance, future iterations of the BMW M4 are likely to incorporate even more cutting-edge innovations, further solidifying its place as one of the premier sports cars in the world. If you’re a driving enthusiast seeking an unparalleled combination of power and precision, the BMW M4 is a vehicle that should be at the top of your list.

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BMW M4 Engine – Frequently Asked Questions

What type of engine does the BMW M4 have?

The BMW M4 is equipped with a high-performance engine known as the S58. It is a 3 litre inline-six-cylinder engine with TwinPower Turbo technology, specifically designed for M models.

What is the power output of the BMW M4 engine?

The power output of the BMW M4 engine varies depending on the model year and specific variant. The most recent models, such as the 2022 M4 Competition, produce up to 503 horsepower (hp) and 479 lb-ft of torque, while the base M4 delivers 473 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque.

What is the 0-60 mph acceleration time for the BMW M4?

The 0-60 mph time for the BMW M4 varies with different versions and model years. The M4 Competition, for example, can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in approximately 3.8 seconds, while the standard M4 does it in about 4.1 seconds.

Is the BMW M4 available with an all-wheel-drive (AWD) option?

Yes, BMW offers the M4 with an xDrive AWD system as an option. This provides improved traction and stability, especially in challenging road conditions. It’s a popular choice for those who want year-round usability.

What is the top speed of the BMW M4?

The top speed of the BMW M4 is electronically limited to 155 mph (250 km/h). However, with the optional M Driver’s Package, it can be increased to 174 mph (280 km/h) for some models.

Is the BMW M4 fuel-efficient, or is it a gas guzzler?

The fuel efficiency of the BMW M4 is relatively lower than standard BMW models due to its high-performance nature. Expect varying fuel economy depending on driving conditions and personal driving habits. On average, you can anticipate around 20-25 miles per gallon (mpg) in combined city and highway driving.

What transmission options are available for the BMW M4?

The BMW M4 is typically available with two transmission options: a 6-speed manual transmission for those who enjoy a more engaging driving experience, and an 8-speed automatic transmission with M-specific tuning. The choice may depend on the model year and specific trim level.

Can I modify the BMW M4’s engine for more power?

Yes, there are aftermarket performance modifications available for the BMW M4. However, it’s important to note that such modifications may void the manufacturer’s warranty and can have an impact on the car’s long-term reliability. It’s crucial to consult with professionals and ensure that any modifications are done correctly.

Is the BMW M4 engine reliable, or are there known issues?

The BMW M4 engine, like any high-performance engine, requires proper maintenance and care. While some earlier models may have had issues, BMW continually works to address and improve any known problems. Regular maintenance and adherence to recommended service intervals are key to ensuring the engine’s reliability.

What is the difference between the M4’s standard engine and the Competition engine?

The M4 Competition engine is a more powerful version of the standard M4 engine. It typically has higher horsepower and torque figures, resulting in improved acceleration and performance. Additionally, the M4 Competition may feature other enhancements like sportier tuning for suspension and exhaust for a more aggressive driving experience.

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