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Good Life Plus, The Best BOTB Alternative! Check out the BOTB Competition & BOTB Reviews and compare to Good Life Plus. WIN For FREE With Good Life Plus.

Good Life Plus, The Best BOTB Alternative! Check out the BOTB Competition & BOTB Reviews and compare to Good Life Plus. WIN For FREE With Good Life Plus.

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Luxury Prizes To Be Won

We give away Luxury cars, PlayStation 5s, Xboxs, iPhones, iPad, thousands of pounds worth of cash every single month. We’ve delivered life-changing rewards to hundreds of winners, totalling over £3,000,000 in claimed prizes.

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Good Life guarantees a winner in every draw – you are much more likely to win our free prize draw than the lottery! And the best part? You get all the rewards without risking a penny.

Official Live Draw

Watch the action for yourself with our new Live Draw. Once the timer runs out, you’ll be contacted via email to join us as we reveal the winner. Good Life Plus is trusted by over 2,000 5 star reviewers on TrustPilot and independently verified.

Who are BOTB?

BOTB stands for “Best of the Best” a luxury car prize competition that gives participants the chance to win amazing cars. Participants can enter the competition by purchasing tickets and selecting which car they would like to win from BOTB's list of luxury vehicles, which include supercars, SUVs and sports cars.

When entering BOTB, there are two different options available: Classic and Supersize. The Classic option offers participants one entry into a weekly car draw for one dream car valued up to £50k. For those who want even bigger prizes, the Supersize option allows people to enter a weekly draw for one dream car valued up to £100k.

BOTB also offers ‘Instant Win’ games, where participants can buy tickets and instantly win prizes such as bonus entries into the weekly draws or cash rewards.

What Cars do BOTB offer?

The cars that can be won from BOTB vary from week to week but generally include luxury models from leading brands such as Mercedes, BMW and Audi. Some of the most popular cars on offer have included a Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4, an Aston Martin Vantage GT12 and a Bentley Continental GT Speed.

Is BOTB Legit?

Yes, absolutely. BOTB or Best of the Best has been around since 1999 and given away £millions in prizes. When you check Botb Reviews on Trustpilot you can see that they have 4.4 Star rating and over 7000+ reviews (accurate as of April 2023). Many users report that the company provides excellent customer service and the website is straightforward and easy to navigate. The chances of winning seem relatively high for this type of website - which makes it similar to Good Life who have extremely high odds of winning.

What does BOTB stand for?

Botb stands for “Best of the Best” an online prize draw competition which gives participants a chance to win luxury cars by purchasing tickets.

How to enter the BOTB Competition?

Botb offers a few different competitions you can enter and the way to play and win differ depending upon which competition you enter (correct at time of writing - April 2023). These are the botb dream car competition, botb midweek lifestyle competition and finally the Friday Fun Cash competition.

With the botb dream car competition, you need to select any car ticket for the competition you want to enter these range from £0.9 - £5.45. You can purchase a maximum of 180 tickets. After this you need to play their spot the ball competition, after that the winners will announce the winners based on how well you did in the spot the ball competition.

With the botb midweek lifestyle competition, you need to select any car ticket for the competition you want to enter; these start at £0.5. You can purchase a maximum of 75 tickets. After this you need to answer the question correctly to be entered into the draw. Finally the winners will be picked randomly and the winners announced.

The botb Friday Fun competition seems a lot more straightforward. Just add the tickets to your basket (up to 75) , purchase them and wait for the winners to be announced.

How is BOTB different to Good Life?

Whilst both BOTB and Good Life Plus are online prize platforms which offer their player base a chance to win luxury cars; there are some core differences which make Good Life Plus the obvious choice for the discerning customer:

Number of competitions: Botb offer 3 competitions per week to their player base whilst Good Life have daily prizes.

Automatic Entry: To make life easier, Good Life offer a monthly subscription which automatically enters you into every prize draw.

Exclusive Deals & Discounts: Good Life membership is a VIP experience and you will get discounts and deals with many retailers and restaurants such as 25% off at burger king. These all add up and can offset the cost of your membership.

Price per ticket: The price per ticket with the Gold Membership plan works out to be exactly 1p per ticket on a 30 day month. This is a lot 50 x cheaper than the cheapest ticket we could find on BOTB at 50p.

Free Postal Entry: Good Life offers a free route to entry with all of their daily prizes. You just need to enter via post.

Free Trial: Good Life offer a 7 day free trial which means their player base have 7 days worth of chances to win before they need to part with any cash. Make sure to claim your 7 Day Free Trial today!

Are there any good BOTB Alternatives?

There are a few different competition websites here in the UK which give you the chance to win prizes such as cash, cars, tech or holidays. There are a number of reasons why we strongly believe that Good Life Plus is the only option you should consider such as the fact that we offer:

Daily prizes - from cars, cash, holidays & tech! Deals & discounts we offer exclusive member discounts at a range of retails stores, restaurants and entertainment - making us the only Prize giveaway where you can offset the cost of entry with the savings you make. Ticket Price - ticket prices for entry into our live draw start at 1p per ticket - far cheaper than anywhere else. Automatic Entry - You don't need to physically login and enter each and every day - we take care of that for you! Higher Odds of Winning - With prize draws happening every day, Good Life gives you much more chances to win! Free Trial - we are the only prize draw which offers a 7 day trial completely free! Have a read how Vosenni won a £24,500 car cash alternative whilst still on his free trial!

If you are still not convinced that Good Life is the only prize draw for you, here are some others that you can join as well:

Are BOTB Reviews Good?

The best place to check for unbiased BOTB reviews would be on their Trustpilot page. You can see it here: at the time of writing Best of the Best have over 7000 reviews and a 4.3 star rating. You can also compare the Good Life Trustpilot Reviews here:

Is there a voucher code for BOTB?

There are a number of cashback and voucher code websites which offer botb discount voucher codes. These voucher codes for BOTB often range from 10% all the way to 25% off.

What is the BOTB Competition?

BOTB Car Competition: In the UK, there's a specific competition called "Best of the Best" (BOTB) that involves the chance to win luxury cars. Participants typically buy tickets or enter online to guess the location of a hidden ball on a car-related image. If their guess is the closest to the actual location, they win the specified car as a prize. If you would like a similar car competition to the BOTB competition but with more prizes and chances to win, make sure to join the Good Life Competition.

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