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Jaydens Dreams Come True We Donated: £1,500

Jayden is a 6 year old beautiful, funny, cheeky and crazy boy. He is a proud brother to his siblings and has a big family who love him very much. Up until recently has been perfectly healthy and happy.

On 21st December 2022 Jaydens mum had a phone call from his school, asking her to collect Jayden as his eye had suddenly turned inwards. Jayden went to the Royal Eye Infirmary, where his eye sight was found to be fine. He was booked in for an MRI scan. That was the day their lives changed.

Leyla’s Leukaemia Fund We Donated: £1,500

These adorable twins are Leyla and Luca. They both celebrated their 2nd birthday on 4th May this year which should’ve been a milestone like any other toddler’s first 24 months of life. You will notice that despite being twins, Leyla is smaller than Luca and this is because she sadly has leukaemia. Leyla spent most of the first year of her life in hospital in Turkey. At just 11 weeks old, she was unexpectedly taken poorly and within hours, the family were living their worst nightmare, one which no child or parent should have to go through.

Help Saif Walk Again We Donated: £1,000

We are raising money for 6-year-old Saif to have a bionic leg, giving him freedom and flexibility of movement throughout his lifetime.
Saif’s right leg was amputated a week ago after being diagnosed with the rare form of bone cancer, Osteosarcoma.

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