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Good Life Plus, The Best Omaze Alternative! Compare Omaze Ticket Prices With Good Life Membership. Win For FREE

Good Life Plus, The Best Omaze Alternative! Compare Omaze Ticket Prices With Good Life Membership. Win For FREE

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Who are Omaze?

Omaze is an online fundraising platform that offers individuals the opportunity to win unique experiences and prizes while supporting a variety of charitable causes. The company was founded in 2012 by Ryan Cummins and Matt Pohlson with the goal of making giving back to society more fun and engaging for people around the world.

Omaze operates on a unique model, where individuals can donate to a particular cause and receive entries into a sweepstake-style competition for a chance to win an incredible experience or prize.

The experiences and prizes offered through Omaze are truly remarkable, ranging from luxury vacations and private meet-and-greets with celebrities to custom cars and one-of-a-kind memorabilia.

Does Omaze operate in the UK?

Yes, although Omaze are an American company they also operate in the United Kingdom.

Omaze has been offering its services in the United Kingdom since 2014, with notable success stories such as supporting animal welfare charities, helping struggling families and providing healthcare equipment to those who need it.

In addition, Omaze UK have donated over £2 million to British charities since their launch. Working with many well-known British charities like Cancer Research UK, ActionAid, and Barnardo’s, Omaze also partners with smaller organisations that may not receive the same level of attention. They also offer exclusive experiences such as meeting celebrities and attending red carpet events, as well as providing donations to help with specific causes.

Omaze is a great way for UK charities and organisations to raise money, secure donations and provide memorable experiences for their supporters.

Is Omaze Legit?

Absolutely! Omaze has been around since 2012 and has raised over $100 million for more than 500 causes worldwide. It also boasts a 4.7 - star rating on Trustpilot with over 270,000 reviews.

Omaze is indeed a legitimate organisation. The company's website provides clear information about its donation verification process and how it ensures that all donations are going directly to the charities they are intended for. Furthermore, Omaze offers an extensive list of the causes they have supported in the past as well as their impact stories, which details the good their donations have done in communities around the world.

Overall, Omaze is a legitimate fundraising platform that helps to provide donors a chance at winning incredible prizes. If you are looking for an Omaze alternative you can try Good Life.

How much to enter Omaze draw?

How much does it cost to enter the Omaze prize draw? There are a few different ways in which you can enter the Omaze prize draw and they all affect the price. For instance, you can join Omaze UK on a monthly subscription and can pick from £10 a month as well as £25 (current from April 2023). You can also pick individual tickets if you prefer to not have a subscription which starts from £10 for 15 tickets. Finally, they have a totally free option which you can enter via post. Good Life on the other hand do not offer individual tickets, instead they have monthly subscriptions, an annual option as well as the free postal entry.

How is Omaze different to Good Life?

Omaze and Good Life Plus are both online platforms that offer unique experiences and prizes that their members can win. Omaze is an American for profit company which focuses on highlighting the charitable aspect of their work.

Good Life + is a British company which also supports charity and good causes, however they focus on providing the most opportunities to win - with daily prizes and higher odds. Good Life membership also provides users with access to exclusive deals and discounts and VIP experiences. Something unique to Good Life which separates them from all other online prize draw websites is the fact that they offer a 7 Day Free Trial - claim yours today!

Are there any good Omaze Alternatives?

There are a few different competition websites here in the UK which give you the chance to win prizes such as cash, cars, tech or holidays. There are a number of reasons why we strongly believe that Good Life Plus is the only option you should consider such as the fact that we offer:

Daily prizes - from cars, cash, holidays & tech! Deals & discounts we offer exclusive member discounts at a range of retails stores, restaurants and entertainment - making us the only Prize giveaway where you can offset the cost of entry with the savings you make. Ticket Price - ticket prices for entry into our live draw start at 1p per ticket - far cheaper than anywhere else. Automatic Entry - You don't need to physically login and enter each and every day - we take care of that for you! Higher Odds of Winning - With prize draws happening every day, Good Life gives you much more chances to win! Free Trial - we are the only prize draw which offers a 7 day trial completely free! Have a read how Vosenni won a £24,500 car cash alternative whilst still on his free trial!

If you are still not convinced that Good Life is the only prize draw for you, here are some others that you can join as well:

What are Omaze Ticket Prices?

Omaze Ticket prices at the time of writing on the 15th Sep 2023 are as follows:

£10 for 15 Ticket Entries
£25 for 40 Ticket Entries
£50 for 85 Ticket Entries
£150 for 320 Ticket Entries

If you signed up to a monthly recurring membership you can get a better discount eg:

£10 per month for 30 Tickets
£25 per month for 80 Tickets

You can also opt to enter into the Omaze House Draw for free by using the Omaze Postal Entry Route

What kind of Omaze Prizes can be won?

Omaze are famed for their million pound house draws. However they also offer Omaze Early Bird Prizes. These early bird prizes are often luxury cars or large amount of cash.

This means there are often two prizes to be won each month. For better odds and daily prize giveaways you may want try Good Life Plus

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