How Struggling Student Vosenni Won £24,500

Whilst still on his 7 day free trial!


Everyone knows the saying “You have to be in it to win it”.

That saying definitely held true for Vosenni when he scooped £24,500… ?

Vosenni had been at Uni for 3 years and was really struggling with the rising cost of living; he found himself having beans on toast more often than he liked in order to make ends meet.

He was sat in the cafeteria with his classmates when his whole life changed!

He could not believe it when this sum of money hit his bank account and he could finally breathe a sigh of relief. ?‍?

Many people buy lottery tickets… ?
Many people chance their luck at bingo… ?
While others take a fancy to scratch cards… ?

For Vosenni it was none of these. Finding his fortune via a FREE TRIAL which gives away luxury prizes every day. ?

His classmate told him that his younger brother had won a Nintendo switch ? with this membership the previous week and this caught his attention immediately.

The membership was with a company called Good Life Plus. That same day, Vosenni decided to jump online and see what Goodlife was all about.

After seeing he could win luxury electronics, holidays, and even cars for the low price of £11.99 a month – Vosenni knew he had to get involved! ??

No More Student Debt
No More Student Debt

Vosenni worked out he would actually save more than the £11.99 monthly membership fee!

This was due to all the discounts and deals on offer such as cinema tickets, restaurants and days out. He certainly did enjoy takeaway pizza. ?

After checking out Goodlife Trustpilot reviews online, he decided to take the plunge and start his 7 day free trial. ?

This turned out to be the best decision of his life! 5 days later, without even spending a penny – Vosenni got a call out of the blue to say he was the winner of a Mercedes C63!

Vosenni had the choice of the Merc or a cash alternative; it was a no brainer for him – show me the money!!! ???

Vosenni could not believe his luck, that he was actually going to receive £24,500 tax free cash straight into his bank account!

He could not possibly decide how best to spend that money. How would you ?? spend it?

One thing he knew was that his life was going to change forever. ?

If you want to be a winner like Vosenni, you need to be “In it to Win it”.

Join thousands of other lucky winners at Goodlife Plus. Start your 7 Day Free Trial!


You must be over 18 to enter. If you are under 18 your ticket will be void and

Draws will be made using independent verification software, all ticket numbers will be entered and the number drawn will be matched with the numbers on the entries to determine the winner of each prize draw. In some draws where stated, an independent verification company will be used.

Good Life have already given away over £3,000,000 worth of prizes!

Range Rover Velar Winner
Peter B
£500 Winner
Gail H
Caribbean Holiday Winner
Gary C
£500 Winner
James P
4K Smart TV Winner
Chris T
Spa Break Winner
Anthony B
£800 Winner
Lee B
£750 Winner
Jacqueline S
Cotswalds Holiday Winner
Alex H
£800 Winner
Kieran H
£500 Winner
Michael O
Playstation 5 Winner
Kenneth M

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Good Life have a 5/5 star rating on Trust Pilot with over 2,000 reviews!

I won a Holiday to Dubai just a month after subscribing. I chose the cash alternative and there was a little delay with the payment but was compensated for the wait. Olivia was very helpful and always kept me updated. Thank you GoodLife+
GL+ Vlad Stoimenov
Vlad Stoimenov
January 30, 2023

8th December 2023 @ 5PM
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